Cooking for your pet: Online resources from recipes to videos

Dear Paws:  You’ve written often about cooking fresh, healthy (and safe) meals for pets, referencing cookbooks as guides for your readers to use. Those are great but now that so many of us are online, don’t forget that a lot of good videos are available for free that show how to cook for pets! — Jerry C. in Lafayette, La.

Dear Jerry:  You’re absolutely right — there are numerous online resources for pet owners looking for great recipes for their dogs and cats.

Cooking fresh food for pets does take extra time and owners must be careful with the ingredients they use, from spices to additions like onions (which are poisonous to dogs). But giving your pet a fresh meal once or twice a week is a great addition to their diet. Some might even consider feeding their pet an exclusively home-cooked diet, but doing so does require a transition period to get used to cooking for one’s pet regularly and adjusting recipes for sensitive pets’ stomachs if needed.

There are a lot of videos online showing pet owners ways to cook for their pets, but finding them can be a bit of a chore. YouTube is home to a lot of these videos: for example, here’s a demo from Puppy Cooking Network, a YouTube-based series that features recipes for dogs.

Linda’s Pantry, another YouTube series, outlines how to make fresh food for a week of pet meals.

As always when cooking fresh for your pets, review guidelines on what ingredients aren’t safe for them. And monitor your pet whenever you introduce any new food or treat.

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