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Cute kitten with human (source - Pexels)Pet owners, was your dog, cat, bird or rabbit adopted from a pet shelter? I’d like to hear about it! Send a tale about life with your adopted pet and it may be included in an upcoming book, or as part of the Paws Corner weekly column.

Send an email to and tell us the most remarkable thing about your adopted pet.

Does your pet have a unique marking or physical trait? Does he or she do something absolutely charming — or absolutely annoying? Tell us one thing your adopted pet does that enriches your life. Or, tell us about the challenge you faced integrating an adopted pet into your home.

Real quick, here’s the fine print: Paws Corner will only use your email address to contact you in the event that we use your story in a book, weekly column, or on the website. And if we do use your story, you’ll receive a copy of the new book once it’s published, at no cost (not even those sneaky shipping and handling fees), in the format of your choice — ebook or print.

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