One more reason to microchip your pet: It could save your life

Wired reporter Chuck Squatriglia recently told how a microchipped pet helped a hospital identify an injured, unconscious patient.

The story illustrates how microchipping pets — and keeping the data updated on the chip manufacturer’s site — can not only help vets and shelters reunite lost dogs with their owners, but sometimes provide vital information in case of an accident.

“There was nothing in her pockets, no tags on the dog,” Squatriglia recounted in the article, in which he describes arriving at the scene of an accident where an elderly woman who had been walking her dog had been struck by a car.

Squatriglia agreed to take the dog into his care temporarily while the police and hospital tried to identify the woman and notify her family. A nurse from the hospital then asked him to take the dog to a nearby vet to scan for an implanted chip.

Lo and behold, the dog — Taffy — had a microchip. And from there the journey started to help out his injured owner.

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