Updated: North Carolina bill to put ‘bully breeds’ on death row is shelved

A proposal in Cumberland County, N.C. introduced Dec. 5 that would ban adoptions of so-called “bully breeds” and mandate euthanasia for such dogs held in county shelters for more than 72 hours, was shelved by the board following a huge outcry.

The proposal defined bully breeds as Dobermans, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Pit Bulls, Mastiffs, Akitas, Huskies, and others, according to an article in Examiner.com.

If the proposal passed, dogs on the “bully breeds” list that are taken to Cumberland County Animal Control would be held for the required 72 hours and then euthanized. None would be put up for adoption. Dogs that are surrendered by their owners will likely be euthanized as soon as they are turned over.

UPDATE: The Cumberland County Animal Control board backed off of the proposal to ban adoptions of bully breeds after pet owners, rescuers, trainers and other advocates packed the Monday night board meeting, the Greensboro News-Record reports.

Examiner.com and our-compass.org published petition and contact information for county officials, and thousands of people responded to stop this broad-reaching animal control legislation which touches a pretty stunning number of breeds.