More on poo-eating dogs

Dear Paws Corner:  I read your article on the disgusting habit in the Weyburn Booster (“The poo-eaters,” May 2).  I can tell as the owner of a Bichon-Shih tzu cross, in the process of writing a book on this breed (as my stepmother is the original breeder of this particular dog), that some of your info will only cause grief for the dogs mentioned.  As a safe way to discourage the Bichon-Shih tzu, buy dry kelp from the health food store, and put a couple tablespoons into their food, enough to cover it.  This does not affect the dogs in any way, but it does make their waste unpleasant.  Also, check the protein level in their food.  It should always be 30 percent or lower as this breed cannot handle high protein in their diet.  In addition, eliminate all treats and people food.  If this fails, ask your veterinarian about a vegetable diet.  This in most cases can eliminate the stool eating. — Anna F., via e-mail

A.  Anna, thank you so much for your help! Curbing waste-eating in dogs can be difficult, and understanding more about this breed’s specific needs is valuable. I hope this helps owners of the Bichon-Shih tzu cross who are facing this problem, to address it safely and effectively.

Originally published June 13, 2005.

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